Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Happy Holidays!

My family is in town with more on their way and I'm actually photographing the images of the things and foods that bring happiness to our house... not just the people.

I've also had fun learning to decorate corners of my house after attending a Pottery Barn holiday decorating class with one of my friends here in Vegas last month.  (I know, I can create with paper, but when it comes to my house, I need A LOT of help!!!).  It was surprising to learn how easy it was to get started - of course I did some big time bargain hunting at my FAVORITE store Home Goods to try and replicate that Pottery Barn look. And, you can bet, that now that I have been bitten, you'll see more holiday decorating around my house.

Here are some images of the season that make our house very merry this time of year.

This was one of my favorite finds.  It's a hollowed out mercury glass Christmas tree and I put a strand of lights inside of it to light up our dining room buffet.

I love our tree!

Santa loved the cookies and the Reindeer ate all the carrots!

This is my mom's traditional Christmas morning Monkey Bread with a little cranberry twist!

And... I think I succeeded at creating my second ever cheesecake.  This one is a New York Lemon Cheesecake with some Almond Cherry sauce from Pampered Chef spooned on top.  Oh by gosh, by golly - this one is to DIE for! 

I can't wait to show you the newest paper and embellishments in our supplemental for January before the new and AMAZING spring/summer Idea Book comes out. Inspiration is coming up in just a few days with the January Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!

Until then, I hope you enjoy the last few days of 2010 and squeeze in every last bit of happiness that this year has to hold.

Love & Blessings, Teri

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  1. I am strongly agree with you that holidays are happy and we can forget our stress and tensions during holiday. Your planning is just perfect and its truly awesome so that you all can enjoy the Christmas and holidays. Your cheese cake is looking truly yummy.


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