Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Color Me Monday - 4" X 6" Memory Protectors® Flip Flaps™

Good Morning! I peeked at Jeanette Lynton's blog yesterday and saw her post the Color Me Monday color combination and wasn't sure I liked it... until I saw her artwork! As always, it's beautiful. I felt inspired and actually scrapbooked these pages last night. One of my favorite new scrapbooking products is the new 4" X 6" Memory Protectors® Flip Flaps™! Check out the link to see another great example of how you can use them. I had a couple extra photos that I didn't want to put into Photo Storage pages so just added to interactive Flip Flaps™!

I just love sleeping babies and children - they are actually still long enough for you to catch their precious features without having the camera on the "sport" mode - LOL! My son would not wake up for anything and I put him on the couch after he fell asleep in the car. I thought for sure he'd wake up with his two older brothers playing around him and "watching" a movie. But as you can see, he slept quite soundly until he was ready to rise and shine.

"Catchin' Some Z's"

Notice the open Flip Flaps™ on the left side of this page!

Page 2 - there is another Flip Flaps™ placed vertically on the photo next to the "Z".


  1. They're beautiful. I love sleeping babies/children too. Sometimes I forget the gift they are when they are running around driving me crazy :| I love looking at their sweet angel faces when they are asleep and remembering who they really are

  2. Love it Teri! I too didn't love the color combo until I saw her artwork. I'm going to have to play later this week. :)


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