Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Glitter Makes Me Happy - Technique Tuesday - Prisma Glitter!

Every Tuesday, I do what's called a "Technique & Tools Tuesday" for the friends on my Close To My Heart team. I know you've seen this stamp set before, but it's just so juicy cute that I wanted to show it off and let you know that I'll be teaching this class on July 14th and again on the 17th for only $6. If you're interested, please contact me!

Here's the copy I just sent off to my team for their own fun...

"Glitter Happy"

Sparkly bling makes me happy and our Prisma Glitter is always bling that makes projects extra special! Prisma glitter is a finely ground glitter with enhanced sparkle. It is made especially for scrapbooking and card-making and will brighten up any image or letter. It can be used with stamps, die cuts, borders, etc.

I used liquid glass in the watermelon seeds and
prisma glitter on the watermelon rind!
  • A little goes a LOOOONG way!
  • Use a CTMH Craft Tray to help recover excess prisma glitter
  • If you don't have a tray, always have a piece of paper under your project. So when you dump the extra glitter off, you can bend the paper into a funnel shape and put the extra glitter back in the bottle.
  • All you need to use the glitter with is a good adhesive (Bonding Memories glue). There is also a glue pen called the "write-n-rub pen" that works well with glitter, but any liquid adhesive should do as long as it is easy to control so you can keep your glitter in the areas you want it.
  • Rub the glue on your image, sprinkle the glitter over the glue covering it completely, then lightly tap off the excess glitter and let your glue dry. Make sure you are using memory-safe glue so it will last forever with your pages.
  • Sometimes I use our fan brush from our paint brush set to help remove excess glitter from the project and clean it up after the glue has dried.
  • Glitter is fun to use and it will help "embellish" your layouts! It can be messy so it is recommended that children use it only under adult supervision.

Other Ideas:

  • Mix it with Liquid Glass! Paint on your Just Blooms flowers!
  • Use it for anything Christmas or holiday related - Snowflakes, snowmen, etc.
  • Create perfect glitter dots with mini-glue dots
  • Make a glittery igloo using 3-D foam squares.

Here is the complete set with rinds glittered.
This is the example of my $5 Card Confidence class I teach every month.

Highlighted products:

Z134 PRISMA GLITTER - $4.25 - A favorite of many stampers, this loose glitter sparkles and shines, yet allows the stamped color to show through. (1/2 oz.)

1764 CRAFT TRAY - $7.95 - Keep glitter, eyelets, brads, and other small objects neatly contained while working with these small accessories. Tray mouth works as a funnel when returning items to their containers.

Z553 BONDING MEMORIES® GLUE PEN - $4.50 - This all-purpose glue pen with small-tipped applicator is perfect for safely bonding photographs, artwork, and more. Creates both permanent and temporary bonds. Acid free. (See label for instructions.)

1762 WRITE 'N RUB™ PEN - $7.95 - The Write 'n Rub™ Pen by Tonertex™ is a small-tipped glue pen used to apply small dots and thin lines of glue for glitter, delicate projects, and tiny embellishments.

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