Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughtful-N-Thinking of You Tuesday! Operation Write Home

I know I've been absent from my T-N-T (technique n tools) Tuesdays, but want to assure you that I've been busy!  LOL!

Lately, I've been on a mission to clean out my office and one thing that suprisingly is piling up are cards that I've already made, but sometimes don't fit the occasion that I need them for.  As our family is military, I'm going to share a wonderful resource if you have the same issue, OR, if you are so inclined to help make a difference for our troops deployed overseas.

Check out this website for Operation Write Home

Here's the video to know how to mail them your cards. 

(do you notice the nice CTMH card on the left?  That's the blue/green/brown one!!!)

Make sure you read about all the tips for sending cards - for example, it's important to know not to send any glitter on cards because if any of it gets on our troops' uniforms, they'll be visible with night vision goggles and we certainly don't want to put them in any danger (yes, I've seen how awesome NVG's light up the area even with a pin prick of light). 

You can also send AnyHero cards with a personal note from you or your children thanking them for their service.  More info here:

Please be thoughtful this week and let our troops know you are thinking of them!

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