Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mayberry Cards - Happy Birthday Stamping Fun!

Quick note - please remember to get your $5 Hope for Japan stamp set before the end of this month!  Everyone who purchases gets a ticket to win one of our very cool 'how-to' books and VIP customers get an extra special treat from me.  Thanks again to everyone who's helped me get closer to my goal... a big announcement coming soon :)

Here's a cool website my mom sent me this morning...  Truly fascinating!  Lots of big ones still occurring daily.

Happy Spring Break!

We've decided on a 'stay-cation' this year.  It seems my boys need to run and play and be out of the house to help avoid that dreadful state that comes about when they're are cooped up with one another for longer than 5 hours together!  OH, the Madness!  LOL!

Thankfully, as I write this, I'm making them all take a 'camping out time out' in our living room right now before I take them to the movies this afternoon with a friend... none of them wanted to take a nap (actually were convinced they couldn't go to sleep) and guess what?!  ZONKED OUT!  Mom Wins!!!

This Bub was the most certain he couldn't sleep!
So, this is my quick chance to post the rest of my Happy Birthday cards that our club made last Friday night for you using Mayberry Workshop On The Go, and Card Chatter - Birthday, and A Posey stamp sets.  Enjoy!

Here's the Guy version of what I posted earlier last week!

Love the 3-D flower using our new canvas buttons that we sponged with Olive Ink!  Then layered the flower on top.

The new Neutral and Wooden Buttons are my FAVE!

Note: Candle Flame = Leaf stamp

Another fabulous Canvas button - we stamped twice on it to really get a nice dark image!


  1. Love them! I will post mine soon and give you the credit!

  2. P.S. I love your photos! Mine were taken at night with bad light... :(


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