Monday, June 20, 2011

Free JPG with Studio J!

This month, Close To My Heart is offering you a fabulous freebie with Studio J!  Keep reading for more details.

Less than 2 years ago when CTMH announced this new online 'digital' scrapbooking resource, I was the first in line to say "no way, that's not going to be me - I only make my scrapbook pages hands-on".

Well, ehem, guess what?  I now only scrapbook using Studio J!

Look, let's be real.  While I don't work full-time in a traditional job, I'm as busy as the next person with 3 little boys, volunteering at school, volunteering with the Air Force, getting involved in my community and working my business!  I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SCRAPBOOK!

And I know that sounds terrible because that's my "job", right?!  But really, it doesn't matter whether I'm cutting out the paper by hand or putting the embellishments on digitally... I'm still scrapbooking and preserving my family's memories with Studio J.   I love that Close To My Heart has made it possible for me to keep up with the hobby I love the most AND have a way to keep the memories I love the most in real time.

Here's a layout I put together last night in about 20 minutes of our recent trip to Disneyland.  I was able to download the FREE .jpg by placing an order online and shortly afterwards, I received a nice email from CTMH with the link for my download!

click on the picture for a MUCH bigger view
If you haven't tried it, please go give the program a try (because its free all the time) and share your layouts with me!  And if it's been a while... go catch up :)  I'll post them on this blog and my new Facebook business page to share!  

Oh, and what do you do with a JPG?  Share it (facebook, email, blog)!!!  Or you can send it to Costco or Walgreens to print out (but I'll let you in on a little secret... with an annual membership, it's cheaper through Studio J AND you get free page protectors plus members only layouts and themes!!!)

P.S.  Please visit my new Facebook Business Page and 'LIKE' me :)  I would like to keep my personal facebook and business separate and so this new solution works.  Stay tuned, I'm hoping I can start adding some tutorials and more of our artwork there, too!  Thanks!

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