Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yooohooo... Where Have I Been???!!!

I know, I know!   I haven't posted in almost a month - shame on me.  2011 is definitely going to be one of the most rollercoaster, adventerous, and "In God We Trust" kind of years we've experienced!  Just to fill you in on what's up with my crazy life lately...

Last month, my husband retired with just over 20 years of service in the Air Force.  It was such a special event and we were blessed with the most amazing and memorable ceremony.  I'm so proud of him!

United States Flag Folding Ceremony and Presentation - the tissues came out here!
We chose to have just our close family attend with Jim's unit.  Having his brother's and sisters make such an effort to all travel made the celebration even more special for us.  My sister-in-law is especially leary of flying and the last time she hopped on a plane was when we got married, so we are eternally thankful for her putting her life on the line for us!!!  :)

Then, just 2 days later, I hopped on the plane to Oregon to help my parents clear out 25 years of accumulation (what a trip down memory lane).  Here's the 30-yard dumpster I filled with my dear high-school friend during my 10-day working trip.

When I got home, my hubby and I decided to suprise the boys with their first trip to Disneyland the day school let out.  We've tried 2 times before (3 times if you include the CTMH Convention coming up in a month) and each time, we've had to cancel the trips because of our moves with the Air Force... FINALLY it was their turn to be rewarded!

We had the most MAGICAL and FUN time with family friends who could join us for the weekend.  Can you believe it was my first time to Disneyland, too?!  This is what I'll look like (plus more gray hair) when my oldest get's his Driver's License - hee hee!

I'm fearfully and in goofy fun putting this picture on the web for all to see knowing full-well my actions could come back to haunt me!  And so hopeful it bring a smile to your face.  LOL!
I'm finally home and now playing catch up (eh hem... this would be the reason for no newsletters in May/June)!  I promise to load up some fun artwork in the next couple weeks with a blog hop in a couple days for you.  And then, I'll be on the move again in July.

Still don't know where we're being called to serve... just crossing my fingers and praising God each day for the blessings he's given us!  Thank you to everyone who's sent words of encouragement and prayers our way... it's meant the world to us knowing we have so many friends beside us!

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