Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July! Fun With Doodle Borders!

I've been saving these cards just for today because of the Fan Fare paper!  Not only are these cute cards so simple (no extra cardstock or paper needed), but I had a little fun playing with the borders around each of these cards using My Legacy Writers journaling pens.

Here's a cute little card and envelope holder to hold your set together and give as a cute gift for someone special!

Here's a easy double border using your ruler or any straight edge.

Try some doodle play with the corners!  I love the My Legacy Writers because there are 5 pens in different sizes allowing you to really play with your doodling skills.

This is one of my favorite borders... just draw it free-hand!  As you can see, there's not a straight line in sight and it's still super cute!!!

And speaking of 'Party Time'... I'm off to light some sparkler's with the family and watch a great Firework show from our back yard to celebrate our nations Birthday!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!


  1. Great cards! Love the simple designs with the borders.

  2. Love the cards...they look very familiar :0)


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