Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love Jeanette Lynton...

I wish you all could see the wonderful video message Jeanette Lynton, our company founder, put on the consultant side of our websites this afternoon for all Close To My Heart consultants. It was a great way for her to say 'hello' and let us know about the state of the CTMH union, so to speak. I'm always inspired after I hear her vision and philosophy - it's a great feeling to know that CTMH has no debt and continues to be free to share the joy of scrapbooking and stamping while continuing to be an innovative leader in the industry. With the state of the economy the way it is right now and how careless people are with their money at times, it's rare to hear someone say they are debt free. Good for her. Good for us! I appreciate her setting the example.

I've had the privilege of meeting Jeanette on several occasions and each time I see her it's as if I've reunited with a long-lost friend. We've only spent a total of 15 minutes (maybe) together in the past 5 years, but she makes me feel incredibly special every time. The last time I spoke with her she made both of us cry when she thanked my husband (and me) for our service to our country in the most heartfelt way.

Please check out her blog at Her artwork and recipes... yes, food recipes... are always delightful! I will have to try and get a picture of us together when I see her again next month. Jeanette is a very special person to me.... a lot of people have been immeasurably changed and become better because of her.

Oh, and here's a fun piece of artwork for today :)

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