Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jacob! Embossing Fun

He is 5 today!
Believe it or not, this is the first year we are able to host a birthday party for him and he is TOTALLY into Pirates right now. So, everything is pirate themed this year!
As promised, here's my Pirate cake! It's not super fancy - just gold embossed and I'll recycle the eyelets and rub-ons wooden stick holding his flag in the cake. I'm going to fill this with candy and put it on our family's special Birthday Plate so he'll get it first thing tomorrow morning.
I also created a special Birthday Invitation as part of the Leadership card conference contest... of course this one is going to be kept for his Birthday scrapbook pages.

The gold coin is a fun technique where you heat a puddle of embossing powder from below the cardstock until it melts... then like a wax seal, you put your stamp in the melted powder and wait a minute or two until it cools and then remove your stamped image. I have heard from several of my customers that our embossing powder is really nice... it's very fine, melts evenly and does not bubble. If you like to emboss, give our powders a try!

Do you like Pirates, too? I used the stamp set "Ahoy Matey" - just click on the link to see!

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  1. Very cute! Happy Birthday to Jacob and Happy Five Year Anniversary of Motherhood to you!! :) You're a great mom and should be proud of yourself and your boys! :)


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