Sunday, August 2, 2009

Studio J - Groundbreaking Online Scrapbooking & more!

Oh my! I'm almost as breathless as Jeannette Lynton was when I share just the tip of the spear with you on the newest, greatest innovation that is going to be released by Close To My Heart in early 2010.
Check out this video on STUDIO J.
You can also read the FAQ's to learn more about what is NOT digital scrapbooking... but something entirely innovative and amazingly cool!!! You just have to see it to believe it!
The best part of Studio J is that it will be FREE to use!!! You'll just access it from my website and create to your hearts desire. More to follow in the months to come.

I just returned from a fabulous 5 days in Long Beach, CA with my dearest friends and team. Here's a few fun pictures from our Leadership Conference. We created amazing projects that I promise you'll get to see soon!

HAA Team Leaders!
Just one small example of how we get spoiled all weekend long!
I know... feet are ugly... but I had to prove I was in the Pacific Ocean...
even if it was only for a few minutes!!! Brrr... it's cold!
My new stylin' scrap tote - you can get one, too!

If you are a digital scrapbooker, or can see the huge value in adding a tool that will be even FASTER, SIMPLER, and EASIER than ever when it comes to getting your scrapbooking done, PLEASE contact me so we can talk. I want YOU to join me on the groundbreaking opportunity of what our company will be releasing in a few short months. Now is the time!

Just like our exclusive Acrylic Stamps, this is NOTHING like what is out on the market today and I know you will LOVE it!!!

Our consultant team will get the opportunity to preview and test (to include create) scrapbook pages before anyone else!!! Consultants will also have a limited offer preview discount during this final phase before its launch.

CONTACT ME: or #(406) 750-3837

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