Friday, February 26, 2010

Dare To Share - Have You Ever?!! Well, I Never...

Oh My! Have you ever had a time when you've been challenged or dared to do something... and in the back of your head, you are telling yourself, "AM I CRAZY?"

For me, this is one of those moments. I can't believe I agreed to do this, but I've been challenged to find 5 new people to join my team in March! I don't even know that many people in Las Vegas, yet, so I thought I'd just throw it out here on the blog to see if any of you have ever thought about getting an AWESOME discount on your supplies. OR if you could help me out by sharing this information with someone you know who might want to jump at this incredible offer... and help me complete the dare (imagine me sheepishly grinning).

Thankfully for us, Close To My Heart just released the special for March & it's so fun! I wish I could sign up again as a new consultant! (Trust me, our kit without the special is WAYYYY better than I what I paid for & got when I first signed up! This is icing on the cake!).

So Here It Is. For All of March:

Receive all four of the Stamps of the Month (May-August) found in the Summer 2010 Idea Book when you enroll anytime during March 1-31. You will receive an additional $91.80 in product that hasn't even been released to the public, yet!!! I CAN'T EVEN GET IT!!! (Wahhh - That is sooo wrong - hee hee). So, for $99 plus shipping & tax, you get more than $400 in Close To My Heart product.
Hmmm.... can you even remember the last time you got a great scrapbooking deal like that?
Frankly, I am not a big pusher for sales, so if you are on my team, I will help you get your discount... or I can help you learn to use your hobby to pay bills, or go on a cruise, or just have fun with your friends as you build the business you always wanted. It's totally up to you! At the very least, we will have fun together using all this cool new stuff!

OH - I CAN'T FORGET TO TELL YOU. As a consultant, right now you can get preview access to Studio J, our new online scrapbook program to be publicly released soon, and order up to 10 two-page layouts at the discounted price of $9.95 per layout with a special 22% immediate commission! That brings the final price to just $7.76 per layout!

Well, I never... have heard of anything so great before from our company and wanted you to be the first to know!

When you contact me, I will send you a copy of the flyer with pictures of the new stamp sets, send more info on the consultant kit contents, and answer the questions you might have. Just email ( or call my cell phone (406) 750-3837 with your questions and we can get started! On Monday I will post the link to enroll from my website & as soon as you sign on, we will both get a note from corporate letting us know of your acceptance and your kit will be shipped out! It's as easy as that!

You'll have your goodies in a week sometimes sooner!
Here's to us Daring To Dream.... (and getting 5 new team members in March!).

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