Tuesday, May 18, 2010

T-N-T Tuesday - Beautiful Stamp Rolling!

Welcome to this week's Technique-N-Tools Tuesday!  This is one of the projects I taught to my T-N-T Card Club last Friday and I think they really liked it!  It's one of my favorite techniques to use when I want to create the multiple colors of leaves in the Fall.

Stamp Rolling

This technique is so simple, yet gives you some beautiful results.  There are two ways I will show you today. 

2-Color Stamp Rolling

1.)  Choose two complementary colors of inks (I used Creme Brulee & Tulip).  Always ink up the lighter color on your stamp first or you will visibly mix the darker ink colors in your lighter ink pads. 

2.)  Roll just the edges of the same uncleaned stamp in the second ink color so that just the edges of the image are covered.

3.)  Stamp on your project!  You should see a nicely blended second color around the edges of your image. 

One Color Shade Stamp Rolling

1.)  Using just one color will give your image a beautifully shaded look. Ink up your stamp and stamp the image on a scratch piece of paper to get the heavy ink off - but do not clean your stamp. (This is also called second generation stamping. Several of our inks serve double duty because the second generation dulicates a lighter color in our color palette!  For example, Hollyhock when second generation stamped becomes Blush!).

3.)  Roll your stamp in the same ink color to cover the edges with ink, then stamp image on the paper for this look.

Supplies Used for Card - visit my website for supplies!
D1304 Life's Creation stamp set
X7100B 12" X 12" Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Packet
Creme Brulee Exclusive Inks® Stamp Pads
Tulip Exclusive Inks® Stamp Pads
Juniper Exclusive Inks® Stamp Pads
Z1136 Mini-Medley Accents White Daisy Collection
Z1294 Sanding Kit

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