Wednesday, June 30, 2010

T-N-T Tuesday - Working with Clear Cards!

My card club in June were so excited with this new card format that came out this summer!  Not only are the 4 1/2" Clear Cards gorgeous, they are also really fun to put together!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a work of art with our clear cards:
  • Remember to remove the clear film on the inside and outside of the card... it will get super glossy when you do.  If you can't see it, gently use your finger nail or piercing tool to pull back one corner to get it started.
Back of the card
    Inside of the card
  • Start creating your clear card from the inside back cover of the card first!
  • Work your way to the front inside and then create the front last being conscious of what will show through the card when closed and opened!
  • Use Glue dots or Mini-glue dots to adhere cardstock and B&T paper to the clear card.
  • Use Close To My Heart background paper - it is a great medium for showing off our two-sided paper and creating added dimension and whimsy as you can see on the back of the card & the inside of the card.
Stay tuned... the Stamp of the Month blog hop starts tomorrow!!!

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