Wednesday, August 11, 2010

7 Cents Cheaper and 10 Times Cuter... Cards on a Budget

In getting ready for my son's 6th Birthday Party, I am striving to find ways to make it fun without spending a ton of money which is something we all strive for, right?!  One of my favorite places to find bargains is the Dollar Store! 

I thought to make things easy on my almost 6 year old (and me), I'd purchase (GASP!) some simple thank you cards to include in the goodie bags for his friends.  BUT I JUST COULDN'T DO IT! 

I challenged myself to come up with some simple and cute cards for cheaper than the dollar store... and guess what?! 

Here's what Jacob & I made together using a dollar store stamp that he picked out and just 7 sheets of Close To My Heart cardstock.  We made 16 cards altogether! 

Here's how I broke down the savings

$.45 a sheet x 7 sheets = $3.15.  Each card only cost me $.20 versus the $.27 at the bargain store - this includes the shipping, handling and tax from Close To My Heart and the Dollar Store!!!),  Ok, so overall I only saved just over a $1... BUT, we had fun making them, I used up supplies I already had on hand, and the difference in savings is enough for a couple Diet Cokes from Costco!  LOL!

I'm such a fan of making my own cards using CTMH products.  Not only can we make them as nice or even nicer than what you find at the store, but we can beat out the bargain stores, too!

Show me what you can make in terms of CTMH bargain cards by emailing me a picture at!  I'll post some of your ideas down the road :)

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  1. I love them! I hope we can make it tomorrow. I am praying my car doesn't act up and I can make it in one piece. :)


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