Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baxter Family Reunions are the Best!

I know I've been quiet but it's for a VERY good reason!!!  We had our first Baxter vacation family reunion in almost 2 years (at least one that our family could attend) and spent a whole week in the Wisconsin Dells, WI on Lake Delton.  Family baseball games, BBQing, fishing, water parks, canoe races, game nights, and lots of old fashioned fun and laughter (and some good stories retold, too!).

Here's a few pictures of our family fun.  I can't wait to scrapbook them.  In fact I came home to a beautiful issue of Keynotes, our company news publication, and once again am inspired to create!

Catching BUGS!  Something we don't see a lot of flying around in Vegas!

Tractor rides on the Farm!

Just a part of the Baxter Gang... Annie, Ed, Laura, Mara (and Grampa B) we missed you!

My first time driving a jet ski - Auntie Teri is voted the most fun driver (and fastest, too!)

Kabobs -  YUM!

A little smoothie with some cheese :)

2 full days at the Water Park!

Lots of fishing right out of our cabins... this kid was one of the luckiest on the lake!


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