Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beep.... Beeeep.... Beeeep. A Message From Your Emergency Broadcast System!

Ok, not really.  But, did I get your attention? 

In all seriousness, I just felt the need to at least post a little 'howdy' even though there's no artwork for the next few moments in time.  My laptop is on the very edge of collapse and I feel almost petrified with procrastination in hopes that it will survive the inevitable melt down (no kidding, my laptop gets so hot I'm pretty sure it's melting the motherboard and video hardward like it did last year). 

In the meantime, I am working off our family computer which means I'm getting used to all the new stuff on here and fighting over computer time with my kids, so I'm pretty sure I will become the Midnight Artist once again as I find the time to post around that time of day.  LOL!

Ok, so I can't leave you hanging, can I?  Here's my leak for the week (hey that rhymes!  And you can't make fun of my silliness because it's getting late for me and I thought that's what we're supposed to do when we're tired, right?  Besides, it's MY blog!  This is the danger in blogging - you tend to write what you're thinking, but don't really say in real life...).

Anywhoooo - I listened to a great CTMH update this week from our VP of Sales & Marketing, Kristine Widfeldt (here we are at Convention this past year - she really IS all that and a bag of chips!) and she told us that in the new Idea Book coming in February.... we're going to see EIGHT new paper packs and kits!!!!    It's such great news knowing that with so many things being discontinued, we'll be debuting our new bi-annual Idea Book with even more new products than ever before!

I know a few more things, too, but I'll keep them up my sleeve for another time when I'm desperate for blog fodder.  Make it a GREAT week and thanks as always for reading my ramble!

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