Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Things You Can Accomplish... and Scrapbook at the Same Time

1.  Relax in bed!
2.  Cook dinner
3.  Watch TV with your spouse
4.  Do laundry
5.  Chat with your friends

Oh, and did I mention my workspace stays exactly the way I found it?  I also didn't cut any paper or glue a single thing down.  No mess whatsoever. 

Yes, would you believe that I scrapbook doing all these things using Studio J?  While I watched the Oscars tonight, I finished five (5) two-page scrapbook layouts complete with embellishments, quotes, journaling and matting!!!  KA-POW!!!  I feel like a super hero!

I realized that tomorrow was the deadline for me to get my Buy 9, Get 1 Free Studio J scrapbooking layouts with my 50% off annual membership (oh, and I get free shipping and page protectors, too!).

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart :)  
That's what I call being the Ultimate Crafting Mom!

While you may not get your 10 layouts done in one day (though I bet you could!), visit my website to start your FREE account to check things out for yourself.

You deserve scrapbooking without having to clean-up.

P.S.  I'll post pictures later!

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