Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Secret To Great Card Design!

Every month I create six cards for my card club and class.  Do you think I create all of them out of my little 'ole head?!  Oh ya, sure, right - NOT.  LOL!

What I typically like to do is use 2 new patterns and then create 3 of each with variations to the patterns showing how you don't have to stick to the original design.

5EB1C700E6654D768250FBB8FAE939C6.ashx.jpgIt's really not a secret, but if you don't know about it already, these two Wishes and Originals card confidence books are the key to inspiring anyone that may find themselves in a creative card slump.  In fact, you will almost NEVER see me create a card that hasn't used either of these two books or a Workshop On The Go for my greeting card creations.

If you have Wishes, go run and get it really quickly so you can compare the two patterns I used below from the Celebration card workshop in 'Wishes' (card #3 and card #6).

This first card is fairly close to the original card #3 design.  Being a partner with Close To My Heart, I have an amazing resource only for consultants with our artwork bulletin board.  I just loved the idea I found on where to place the bow & bling on this shoe!

Do you see the slight variation on this card?  I just moved the skinny strip of paper (vineyard berry) to the right of the cardstock block.

Lastly, I rotated the design on this card 180 degrees!

Here is pattern #6.  It's slightly more spread out than the original design that would have put the big Juniper (aqua) cardstock in the center of the card to make room for the stamped bird.

Because the patterned paper on this card is gorgeous, but busy, I really streamlined any extra paper & changed the size of my focal point (ok, so ya, I totally changed the card design... but the original was my starting point! LOL!).

And last... certainly my favorite, is this card :)  Once again, the idea was found on the artwork board, I adapted the above design keeping the overall look very simple because of the detail of the dress.  Isn't it STINKIN' CUTE?  Just cut a strip of paper and fanfold it for the dress!

I hope you found this helpful in getting some great versatility out of my two favorite card design books.  If you don't already own one of of these brilliant idea books, I highly recommend investing in them as they give you all the cutting dimensions for multiple sizes of cards, additional stamping & crafting tips and several card creations for each pattern. Visit my website to get one for yourself!

I would love to hear what you think of these ideas and if you have one of Jeanette Lynton's card confidence books, please tell us what you love most about them!

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