Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cute Card! Life Is Good

I've been meaning to post this card for quite some time. It was hidden in one of my piles. Just something quirky about me - I keep piles and I know I should just find a decent place where everything should belong. Does anyone know what I mean? Having 3 little boys on the constant move might have something to do with it.... nope. Now that I think back, I've always been like that. I try to be organized, but it's a process :) Anywhooooo...

My dear friend, Cindy, made me this card and I thought it was something too cute not to share. As you start out this week, try to remember that life is good. In light of the past 2 weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, I am reminded that there is always something to be grateful for even on our lowest days when everything seems to go wrong or you're not feeling the greatest. I hope you, too can find the things in your life you are most grateful for.
Make it a great week!
The stamp set used is called Tree Tops. Click on the link to view.

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  1. Oh, I am a total piler, too! It's bad because I'll eventually go through the pile and find all kinds of good stuff and I'm always like, "Ugh, I need to quit making piles and put things where they belong!" but I never do, LOL! :)


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